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Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition GOTY Battle.net RU | Торговая площадка с мгновенной доставкой товара

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Released on 05/24/2016
Localization - completely in Russian
Regional restrictions - for use on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries
Edition - Game of the Year Edition, contains:
- Overwatch game
- 10 containers
- 21 characters
- 5 Origins - Overgrown Bastion, Rice of Blackwatch, Pilot Tracer, Commander Morrison, Head of the Protection of Farrah
- Hero of the Storm
- Sputnik Baby Winston (World of Warcraft)
- Overwatch (Hearthstone) Card Shirt
- Wings of the Angel (Diablo III)
- Portraits (StarCraft II)

Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition

Blizzard Entertainment is an innovative team shooter for all fans of fantastic battles!
Choose the right hero and go into battle!
Change the course of time, violate the laws of physics, launch super abilities and futuristic weapons.
Thoroughly work out tactics of battles in which each member of the team has a special important role.
Learn characters, change your looks, develop combat skills and improve your weapons - gain fame and experience to lead your squad to victory and reach the top rows of world rankings!
Overwatch is a first-person futuristic team shooter whose events take place on the Earth of the future.
In dynamic and exciting battles numerous heroes converge, among which there are huge robots, mutants, time travelers, noiseless killers and even a gorilla scientist.
Each of more than two dozen characters is unique, has its own specialization, has special skills and owns its own weapon.
So, no battle will be like the other!
Join Overwatch ... the world needs heroes!

- Incredible world of Overwatch
Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Freaks.
During the global crisis, an international special unit of heroes was created, designed to establish peace throughout the world.
It was called ... Overwatch.
Heroes coped with their task, and on the planet for many decades, there was agreement.
A new era of research, inventions and scientific discoveries has begun.
However, over the years, the influence of Overwatch began to weaken, and the division was dissolved.

- Twenty-one hero
In Overwatch you will find many unlike fighters: a time-traveling adventurer, an armored warrior with a rocket hammer and even an enlightened robot monk.
All of them are unique, and to fully reveal the potential of the game, you will need to thoroughly study each character.

- Teamwork
Each member of the squad contributes to the common cause - whether the fighter is on the front line, the defender harboring the allies with an energy shield, or the hero of support that makes the team mates stronger.
The pledge of victory is the effective use of the abilities of all heroes and their harmonious interaction with each other.
18.03.2018 13:33:12
Благодарю, все отлично!
10.09.2017 11:53:38
Спасибо! Код работает!
05.09.2017 11:03:51
Ключ работает. Спасибо !

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