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Overwatch: GAME OF THE YEAR Edition GOTY PHOTO key | Торговая площадка с мгновенной доставкой товара

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Battle.net key.
RU/CIS region activation.
Overwatch: GAME OF THE YEAR Edition GOTY

Includes base game with:
10 Bonus Loot Boxes - Enjoy 10 bonus Loot Boxes which each contain random items that can be used to customize the appearance of your heroes and personalize them. Loot Boxes may include Skins, Emotes, Victory Poses, Voice Lines, Sprays, and Highlight Intros, as well as Credits you can use to acquire many different customization options.
Tracer Hero in Heroes of the Storm - jump into the Nexus with Tracer and surprise your enemies in the blink of an eye.
Baby Winston Pet in World of Warcraft - adorably cuddly and highly intellectual, the Baby Winston pet will be at your side as you fight your way through Azeroth.
Overwatch Card Back in Hearthstone - battle it out with an Overwatch-themed card back fit for a hero.
Mercy´s Wings in Diablo 3 - slay demonic forces throughout the High Heavens and Burning Hells as you don Mercy´s wings. All of Sanctuary will know of your allegiance to Overwatch.
Player Portraits in Starcraft 2 - with brand new portraits of Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Winston, Bastion, and Soldier: 76, you´re sure to become a champion of the Koprulu Sector.

Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on a near-future earth. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of heroes, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

In Overwatch, bold characters with extraordinary abilities fight across fantastic yet familiar battlegrounds. Teleport past rockets while an ally dives behind a double-decker hoverbus on the cobblestone streets of London. Shield your team from a shadowy archer’s ambush, then hunt him through a bazaar beneath a high-tech Egyptian pyramid.

Activation details:

Visit www.battle.net

At the top of the page, click "Create Account".

Go to acount page. After logging in to your account, click the "Add Game" button.

Enter your key games in a free field and click ACTIVATE GAME.

Run the Blizzard Downloader to download the game.
04.10.2018 10:01:43
спасибо за ключ!
20.09.2018 15:50:42
Ключ подошел.
Оставлю, на всякий случай, небольшое резюме по активации ключей у близзард, что бы продавцу нервы не морочить лишний раз.
У близзард ключи активации привязаны к региону, который вы указывали при регистрации в battle.net.
У меня был включен vpn. Ключ отображался как невалидный. Близзард прислали сообщение на почту спустя пару часов о том, что мой ключ не соответствует региону.
Отключив vpn ключ прошел активацию.
Будьте внимательней, а не как я с температурой 38.5 =)
09.04.2018 19:17:15
Все круто!
10.02.2018 18:45:36
Все отлично, быстрая доставка и приятная цена. Спасибо)
08.02.2018 13:33:34
Быстро, выгодно и честно!
22.10.2017 14:14:51
30.07.2016 14:13:58

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