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Region: REGION FREE (Without region restrictions)
Localization: Russian, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese.
Developer: Blizzard
Released: 05/24/2016

Publishing Composition Origins Edition:
• 21 character
• 5 guises Origins - Overgrown Bastion, Rice Blackwatch, Tracer pilot, Commander Morrison, Head Protection Farrah
• Tracer hero (Heroes of the Storm)
• Satellite Kid Winston (World of Warcraft)
• shirt for Overwatch cards (Hearthstone)
• Angel´s wings (Diablo III)
• portraits (StarCraft II)

Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Jackass. During the global crisis was created by the international Special Forces characters, designed to establish world peace. It was called ... Overwatch. Heroes failed in their task, and the world reigned consent for decades. A new era of research, inventions and scientific discoveries. However, over the years it has been to weaken the influence of Overwatch, and the unit was disbanded.
- The Overwatch you will find a lot of different characters: travel through time adventurer, armored soldier with a rocket-rock and even a robot enlightened monk. Each of them has a unique style of play, and to unleash their potential, you will need to use all of their abilities.
- Each character is contributing to the common cause - whether it be at the forefront of fighter, defender, harboring Allied energy shield, or support hero who makes his teammates more. Margin of victory - the efficient use of capacities of all the characters.
- Heroes Teams are fighting in different parts of the planet. Before you can be challenged to protect the mysterious Temple of Anubis and his secrets, but can - hold transmitter EMP safely through Kings Row. The whole world is for you - the battlefield.

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17.02.2018 18:38:12
Ключ активировал и наслаждаюсь игрой!!!
17.02.2018 18:36:55
Всё активировал без проблем!
01.02.2018 20:36:21
Все быстро и удобно
30.01.2018 18:09:12
всё пришло ХОЧУ ПОДАРОК
30.01.2018 0:57:21
Хочу подарок
29.01.2018 20:19:52
Все работает. Очень доволен покупкой!!!!
26.01.2018 22:24:29
Очень доволен покупкой. Быстро качественно, а главное надёжно. Беру уже не первую игру, всегда доволен результатом.
25.01.2018 18:54:31
Добрый день! Спасибо за игру. Ключ пришел мгновенно. Очень рекомендую!!! ХОЧУ ПОДАРОК!
25.01.2018 11:03:10
Всё отлично, ключик приехал моментально, рабочий. Хочу подарок))
22.01.2018 16:17:22
Все отлично , хочу подарок!=)

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